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    Monday, August 11, 2008

    I'm in Stockholm . . .

    . Näckrosen (”The Water Lily”) subway station in Stockholm. Made like water lily pond on the roof and walls.
    (via Monter)

    So, I'm perusing my Lonley Planet Stockholm travel guide This brings me to the page of the Stockholm Metro System, or Stockholms Tunnelbana in Swedish. The system, affectionately known as "The T", is widespread and efficient, with three color coded lines and a hundred different stations, bringing you anywhere you'd possibly need to be in the Greater Stockholm area. I get to the bottom of the page, after reading about the different models of trains that the system has had since its completion in the 1960s. There I find an paragraph called "Silverpilen: the Ghost Train". Apparently, the Stockholm subway is haunted. Urban Legend holds that there is a train that haunts the system, which is an all-silver model that was discontinued in the 1950s (Before the entire system was complete). The train has been seen traveling through stations at high speeds right before the T closes for the night (12:30 AM weekdays, 3 AM weekends). Sometimes it stops to pick up passengers, who are never seen again. This city intrigues me!

    I'll be back on the 19th.

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    Grissino said...

    Grüss Gott!
    Ero passato per un salutoooooo.
    Bis bald!

    THopgood said...

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    Italian Wine Blog said...


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    Mirella Patzer said...

    Ciao Maddaliena,

    You left a comment on my blog: and asked if you could add my link. I would be very happy! May I add your link to my blog too?

    Mirella Patzer

    franciska said...

    il mio sarà l'unico commento in italian ma darà voce a molte di quelli che leggono di Stoccolma...voglia di prendere il primo aereo!!!

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